Starting programming challenges ru-en
Published on Apr 23, 2023 by Horhik.

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I saw this image about a year ago… OMG, it was 2020! So, about a 3 years ago :)

Since that I had that idea in my mind, but only now I feel myself ready to that, or maybe I just want to code and get some new skills, expand my horizons 🧐


So, I decided to start this jorney and for that I'll post poll on the fediverse for each new challenge, where you, my reader, will be able to select which way I'll suffer next time.

Poll will contain challenge and language to code on (e.g. haskell, lisp, C, Rust, NASM, maybe smth else)

0.1. Why am I doing that 🥲

I lost myself a bit… So, I want to code, I want to explore new things, I want to find a sphere 🌐 I interested in… My knowledges for now are so abstract (except fronted-development, but I don't want it), and doing this challenges, I guess, will make me more aware about different sides of this N-dimentional shape of applied programming

0.2. Tracking the progres

Content below contain links to already codded challenges and an image with my notes


1. Challenges